Walking in Christ is Easier Than You Think

Does this statement make sense to you?

"You are not alone, science says at least 80% of us do not have a clear idea of who they are on the inside, who they are being, their self identity."


Have you ever experienced this?

"I just can't find myself. I am lost. I keep looking, but inside there is something wrong, but I cannot place it. I cannot my finger on it, but this "missing" is always there."

Have you ever experienced how looking at yourself through someone else’s eyes, reveals things you never thought about?


In OK, GOD, Now What you’ll experience how seeing yourself through different eyes will allow you to look deeper within yourself, to know there is something more in a dimension of ‘self” that knows that there is a higher, a greater force that is just out of sight, but never-the-less is there, if you will look. And in the process you can find your greatest self, who you are made to be and get a new purpose and excitement in living.


Removing Masks: Let's talk about Tommy who lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico, and had been married once with no children, and had just met a girl that he liked, June. But Tommy was afraid to show June who he really was. He kept his mask on. The pain of the divorce had left him feeling that no one could care about the real him. So he sought happiness in thrills and drugs. While a store clerk during the day, he loved hang gliding from the Sandia Mountains with their 4000 foot vertical drop. He loved cold beer and had been known to take a little cocaine occasionally.

June liked him; but saw little hope with his “good old boy” and daredevil ways. Tommy was too busy thinking about his next “high” to really care about anything else.


Then he came across OK, GOD, Now What. It was easy to read and easy to understand. He loved the scientific explanations, especially about how the mind really works, but he could not see himself doing the Affirmation Magnet Program in section 2 starting on page 189.

Not For Me: He understood them, but he did not see himself as someone who did any regular spiritual practice. What Tommy did not realize was that his fear of rejection was weakening, and he started to share the truth about the love of God and the fascinating secrets of the subconscious mind in OK, GOD, Now What, with June. He even told her of his struggle to keep doing the Affirmation Magnets.

Then June suggested he just take just a few sentences day by day. Maybe 5 to 15 minutes and start slowly, right after breakfast each morning. He agreed. The more he did, the more he wanted to do. He could see the power of truth, and he really loved the encouragement he got from the Affirmation Magnets. He recognized that God had already taken the first step (with the Bible, Jesus and the book, OK, GOD, Now What).


Oops: Light started to come for Tommy, when he saw that he was already making all kinds of toxic affirmations about himself and others all day long. He started to see the OK, GOD, Now What program as a replacement for what he was already doing, not just 2-6 hours a day, but all 16-20 hours of every day.

What Tommy lacked was the success habit pattern of life-giving affirmations instead of toxic ones.

As he did the OK, GOD, Now What Christ Affirmation Magnets Tommy started to see himself as someone that God wanted to be with. This truth amazed him. The power of Truth + Belief = Results was starting to release the real Tommy, the one who had hidden himself behind a series of masks to keep from being hurt.

Taking A Step: Tommy became willing to do that second step toward God. Tommy started to believe that God not only cared about him, but had purpose for his life. June started to notice the difference first. He seemed happier and he seemed to really care how she felt. They had long talks, and he enjoyed them. He was caring, and genuinely laughing again. He started to appreciate the beauty in nature and the night sky once again.


The hurts and rejection from the first divorce were going away, and he was beginning to love again. He started to feel the presence of God more often. He learned the truth that God is not a cruel taskmaster, but a loving Father who only wants good for him.

Deep down in his self identity, Tommy realized he did not have to risk his life and take chances to feel good about himself. He started caring about others instead. Tommy got involved with the kids at the YMCA and loves it. And he took a chance, and let his heart like June, and accepted the fact that she did care about him. Last I heard they had not married, but Tommy did ask June to marry him, and she had shouted, “Yes.”

Today: He now says the OK, GOD, Now What Affirmations Magnets are his lifeline and he could never see a reason to stop. And in the process his Christ identity is being built so that God can manifest and transmit God’s goodness is every part of Tommy’s life.

When he now goes to church, he loves to pray with others. Not only to show love for them, but because he sees answers. He never thought he would be one others would come to have pray for them. But with his identity in Christ he is seeing himself the way God sees him. And God went from an enemy or angry judge to his Friend and Helper. And that has changed Tommy’s self identity and prayer life.

And the power of Truth + Belief = Results keeps releasing the real Tommy, the one who had hidden himself behind a set of masks to keep from being hurt. Tommy’s view of himself changed as he started to believe in the way God really sees Tommy, a special and treasured work of art, valuable to God and mankind.


Hear what others are saying about Donald's book, OK, GOD, Now What?

"If you have Spiritual hunger and don't know what to do about it, then read it. If you are lost and don't know what to do with yourself, then read it today. If you are looking for the perfect book for someone who wants to better their life in some way, shape or form, then buy copies right now for yourself and them to study together. I cannot say enough how much I believe in what Don has put into his latest book, "OK, God, Now What?". Buy it today!!!" Michael H., Businessman

"I love the way you took complex [Bible] topics, and made them easy to understand. And then summarized them into practical actions anyone can do." Zeb B., Radio Host

"As I started the Affirmations it was like was building a rock in my heart. Life was flapping fiercely on the outside, but inside I am standing on the rock and unmoved. I cannot put it into words; it is strange but wonderful. I have read the Bible all my life, but this is making it real to me." -- James C.

"The more I have been faithfully doing the Affirmations, fears... any and all kinds, are releasing their hold on me." -- Brian M.

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