Jesus Christ is the bridge between God and your best life possible.

The secret is learning to walk in Christ.

And walking in Christ is easier than you think.


How Do I Get Life Direction?

Can you relate to this?

I keep looking, but I keep turning the wrong way. I just need to get on the right path, but where is it?


As you read OK, GOD, Now What you’ll become aware of how looking at God through a different set of eyes will allow you to recognize that spirituality is not just a word. You’ll discover how to tap into the path that connects the human being with spiritual transmission in a way that encourages healthy and loving relationships at home and in the world.


Let me tell you about Manny from Detroit, MI, who everyone said is a “great guy.” He works hard and appears to love his family. But all was not well. He had survived a near divorce, and things were not going well with his wife. He was planning what to do, if he had to move out, again. Flashes of anger filled the house on a moment’s notice.

On the Edge: Deep down, Manny blamed it all on God. He would not take the responsibility. Typical thoughts all day long were, “God, how could you let this happen? How could you let my child get sick, how could you let my child be bullied at school, or not get on the soccer team?”

He went to church, but the real Manny was not showing up; the real Manny was buried in anger. The Manny that he was showing to the world was walking around frustrated. And always in seconds waiting to erupt like a volcano.


And something happened to him, he got a copy of OK, GOD, Now What, and as he read, there was a word that made him sit back, …that word was Truth, …he realized he was living on best-guess assumptions that were not valid. He began to realize there was a difference between his assumptions and Bible truth, and that got hold of him.


As he started to read OK, GOD, Now What, Manny was challenged by the Bible truth of a loving God limited by man and not holding back on purpose. Manny began to look at the truth in a different way, a different view of a loving God, with real answers that he had never seen before. He began to see the problem was Manny and not God. He had been assuming, he knew what the truth was, from years of best guess assumptions.

Keys to Freedom: One of the Affirmation Magnets that really challenged him is from Affirmation F on page 195, where it says: “I am blessed for God does not count my sins against me in Jesus, as it says in Rom 4:7 “… Blessed are they whose looking for answers in other places than God are forgiven, and whose sins are covered in Christ so they cannot be seen by God.


He began to look at the word truth in a different way. It began to make more sense to him.

He loved Chapter 4, Understanding How to Avoid Missing God so he could learn how to focus his life. Manny started doing the Christ Affirmation Magnets, mainly to look for ways to increase his income, since that is included especially in Affirmations 1-60.

The first thing his family noticed was that the volcano eruptions were less. Not only from Manny, but from his wife, Susan, who seemed to be happier. They were even laughing and joking around the dinner table again. Financially, he got some breaks, and is looking at both a better job and a new business on the side. His is more optimistic than he has ever been, …has a happy gleam in his eye …and a smile on his face, …and the desperation in his voice is gone. And there are fewer fights at home.

Hope: All of us are a work in progress, and Manny is becoming a champion in Christ, he has a new self identity developed by the Affirmations Magnets, all thanks to his diligence in using the teachings and Affirmation Magnets in OK, GOD, Now What as his life affirmation tool, to get and stay in Bible truth. He was finding the power in Belief + Truth = Results.

And so can you. It is easier than you think, with the OK, GOD, Now What program.

Manny is like many of us, as life gets better, he would stop doing the Affirmation Magnets, then when he became aware things had gotten worse, he would go back to them. This has been going on long enough so that now, when Manny starts acting more frustrated, Susan asks him if he has slipped from doing the Affirmation Magnets. Sometimes they even say them together. Manny is learning to work with his Christ identity.

And so can you. It is easier than you think, with the OK, GOD, Now What program.


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