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Does this sound familiar?

My mind is blank and I see no answers and no way out"

I can't seem to get excited anymore. Life is just going through the motions. Where is my purpose and joy? I used to look at sunsets and flowers, but not recently. All seems mechanical and cold. Everything looks empty.


In OK, GOD, Now What you’ll discover how to recognize within yourself, what you thought was unreachable because of your anger for God. When you come to the realization of how assumptions and bad best-guesses, have driven your life.


That happened to Bill, who lives near Philadelphia. A former professional baseball player, all he had to show for it was bad knees, and his wife was ready to leave him. He was angry at everything, including how God has let all this happen to him.


Bill took a chance, he started reading OK, GOD, Now What and a lot of false assumptions, his previous best-guesses to explain life, started to drop away. And the questions and anger at God…how about? Why did you ruin my legs? Why am I a cripple? Why did you let me lose my job? Why did you let my wife leave? And the list goes on.(to you the reader, see if you can add a few)?


As Bill did the Affirmation Magnets in OK, GOD, Now What, he said he could actually feel the anger and the fear leaving. But it was too late for his wife. She left.


But Bill is now engaged in life with a smile. And he opened the doorway for a new love in his life.

He now knows the crippling part of his life is not his knees, but his head. His self identity in Christ is growing, and he knows he is now doing those things that let God work through him, like Bill has always dreamed of.

Bill discovered the power of: Belief + Truth = Results.

And Bill discovered that when your thoughts touch God, abundance, creativity and vision result.



For me, I, Donald, discovered that the OK, GOD, Now What  teachings and Affirmation Magnets work with the conscious and subconscious mind, so that learning and reprogramming occurs at all levels. The Bible teaches that all the answers from God come from believing Him, in His Bible promises, by renewing your mind into His truth.

The problem for most of us is that we don’t know those promises, or we don’t know how to build and exercise faith so God can do them. He has already made the first step, both in the work of Jesus by the cross, and in giving us the Bible; the second step is always ours.

In OK, GOD, Now What you will learn the promises as we show you how to build faith, so you can learn to believe God’s truth that creates real answers for everything. Our key message is: Truth + Belief = Results that please God.

As you do the OK, GOD, Now What  Program, your believing or faith will grow as you read the teachings and do the Christ Affirmation Magnets, and by intentional subliminal processes in the subconscious mind, you will transform your life into His best for you. You will actually magnetize your heart to seek God to with and through Him, to get His wonderful, answers for your life. Your Christ identity will grow and empower your best dreams. Belief + Truth = Results.

This is how I turned around that impossible business situation years ago, restored my family, and have done similar in other companies and organizations, many times since. I have proved with my own life, this works. And Bill is now doing and seeing the awesome results that are beyond his best dreams, and so can you.

It is easier than you think with the OK, GOD, Now What  program.


What others say about Donald's book, OK, GOD, Now What?

"Imagine for a moment that you had a resource from a successful businessman that spoke specifically to scriptural ways you could make significant changes that would impact your life positively. The book "OK, GOD, Now What" by Donald C. Mann is just that book. This is not your average, everyday, devotional book. It's also not a motivational book that you would find in a business section of your local library. It's the combination of both. It is filled with so many resources it's actually a bit overwhelming." Aaron C.

"If you have Spiritual hunger and don't know what to do about it, then read it. If you are lost and don't know what to do with yourself, then read it today. If you are looking for the perfect book for someone who wants to better their life in some way, shape or form, then buy copies right now for yourself and them to study together. I cannot say enough how much I believe in what Don has put into his latest book, "OK, God, Now What?". Buy it today!!!" Michael H., Businessman

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