Jesus Christ is the bridge between God and your best life possible.

The secret is learning to walk in Christ.

And Walking in Christ is Easier Than You Think

Have you ever had trouble making sense of God?

Does this sound familiar?

"I know there is something out there, I just cannot define it, I can’t find a definition, I don’t know what or who God is." Or "And what I think I know of God is not working well."


As you read the pages of OK, GOD, Now What, you will experience truth that hits you in your core and makes you aware that you do count, your life is important, and you do have a Helper that can make the difference. You will begin to experience the awesome power of Truth + Belief = Results.


Here is what happened with Sam from Chicago. Sam was confused. He was living a decent life, but something was missing. He could not find within him what God was – that is until he got into OK, GOD, Now What.


Then he realized that he had been defining God different than God truly is. When he shifted, his life began to change for the better. He no longer carried that burden of anger at God. And as he did, all kinds of things in his life shifted for him, for the better.


And he found the whole process in OK, GOD, Now What easier than he had thought.


What others say about Donald's book, OK, GOD, Now What?

"If you have Spiritual hunger and don't know what to do about it, then read it. If you are lost and don't know what to do with yourself, then read it today. If you are looking for the perfect book for someone who wants to better their life in some way, shape or form, then buy copies right now for yourself and them to study together. I cannot say enough how much I believe in what Don has put into his latest book, "OK, God, Now What?". Buy it today!!!" Michael H., Businessman

"I love the way you took complex [Bible] topics, and made them easy to understand. And then summarized them into practical actions anyone can do." Zeb B., Radio Host

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