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Answers: Do you want more family blessing?


Does this sound familiar?

How do I get blessing into my family? We are smart, we love each other (or at least we did once), yet something is wrong. I cannot put my hand on it, but I know it is there. There ought to be more out of life than what I and my family are experiencing. What is wrong?


Have you ever thought the road to success was hard and even beyond your farthest reach? Your benefit, your reward for following the easy to read and understand road map to real meaning in OK, God, Now What? You’ll experience the eye opening and innovative tools and the directions how to use them. The shift in thinking that brought so many the ability to open up their God-given hunger for God.




Let's talk about Sherry, who is a busy mom, who works and has 5 kids to raise. She lives in Denver, CO. Her husband, George, travels and is gone 2-3 nights a week, and sometimes all weekend. So Sherry has all the “soccer-mom” stuff to do during the week by herself, even thought she has a job. They like the money they both earn and are looking at buying a new car. But something is missing. All work and no joy. Sherry worries about her kids, and how they are being raised. She has been in a Bible study for years, yet they see few answers to prayer. But she does not know where else to go. She feels she is all alone with no one to give direction that really works. But what else is she to do?




Then she read OK, GOD, Now What.


Unexpected Path to Success - Sherry's Story from Donald Mann on Vimeo.



She started to experience a shift in her thinking about life and especially about God. He was not a cruel taskmaster. She was delighted, especially in Chapter 1, Understanding the Need for New Attitudes, as she read typical Bible success attitudes compared to what she had always thought.


God Needs My Help? There she learned that God needs us to ask Him to help, and how to do it. She had been burying her anger, which left her a victim and did not allow her to ask, because she was afraid of being turned down. And what she found was that her anger was her motivating force.




In this way the truth allowed her to surface all that buried anger. And once she recognized that anger for what it was, it gave her freedom; freedom to transition from anger to acceptance and loving God by asking in prayer.


Sherry learned that as God is no respecter of persons, if you do the right things, you will get the right, godly results. If you do other things, you will get results but they are not God’s best. Then she started the OK, GOD, Now What Affirmation Magnet program.


Mind Shift: The first part had been mind shifting teaching, but this was life changing transformation. The results of the Affirmation Magnets were not so obvious to her, because they operate at the subconscious mind level, but others started to notice. She was more loving when her husband came home, and she had more wisdom with her kids. There was less shouting and indigestion after dinner. She started to manage her time at home and at work better, with less frustration.


She was amazed that she was actually feeling better and stronger physically. She had more energy and was not tired and cranky all the time. Her frequent headaches started to go away. Life was starting to be very good.


Identity Growth: Sherry's identity began to grow in Christ, and the scriptures became alive like she had never known before. And she started to see more answered prayer. Not only for little things, but bigger things, like the kids had less colds and she did not have to stay so late at work, so often. And right now George is up for promotion where he can be home a lot more often. If before life was just survival, but now, it is GREAT!


And part of that greatness is not that things are always easier, but that Sherry is no longer afraid of them and with her growing self identity in Christ, knows she can ride through them successfully in Christ.


Awareness: As she becomes aware she is drifting into worry or depression, she now reads or shouts Chapter 8, Understanding the Power of Fear so she knows what she is facing and then she reads Chapter 9, Understanding the Power of Faith, or Chapter 13, Understanding How to Move Beyond What is Seen. And often follows that with Affirmations A-F to get her refocused. Even her kids have turned some of the Affirmations into songs. 




What other's say about Donald's book, OK, GOD, Now What?

"As I started the Affirmations it was like was building a rock in my heart. Life was flapping fiercely on the outside, but inside I am standing on the rock and unmoved. I cannot put it into words; it is strange but wonderful. I have read the Bible all my life, but this is making it real to me." -- James C.

"The more I have been faithfully doing the Affirmations, fears... any and all kinds, are releasing their hold on me." -- Brian M.

"I loved OK, God, Now What? I have recommended it to all my friends." -- Mary W., Woman of God, Great Grandmother

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