Jesus Christ is the bridge between God and your best life possible.

The secret is learning to walk in Christ.

And walking in Christ is easier than you think.


"What, you want me to work at Overcoming Fears, Worry, Anxiety & Depression? Are you crazy!"

Can you relate to these people?


Have you ever experienced these kinds of thoughts spinning in your mind?

"I am good at nothing, and nothing I do works. I have no hope, nothing will get better. All I want to do is cry. I am afraid that whatever I do will not work. There is no hope for me. If there is help, where is it?"

Have you ever had these feelings? Have you ever thought you had life figured out, but it still was not working?


As you read OK, God, Now What, you’ll recognize that life is not accidental. And by uncovering the masks, the assumptions, what things look like, you’ll be able to deal with the real issues beyond what things appear to be. And turn your limitations into an ‘expanded truth.’ And in the process re-kindle hope, joy and love.

PROBLEM: Stomping Depression

Let's take a look at one interesting case. Lisa lives just south of Washington, DC, in Lorton, VA, and was trapped in fear, confusion and depression. Her thyroid was not working and she was in clinical depression. And she was in deep drug dependency. Her whole family walked on eggshells around her, the slightest wrong word would set her off into tears, or fits of rage.


I had given her a copy of OK, God, Now What, and was glad she did not throw it back at me. Instead she kept it on her coffee table and eventually she started to read it.


As she read the first part, the teaching section, many assumptions she had made about life and God started to be replaced with Bible truth. She especially liked Chapter 5, Understanding How to Renew the Heart. She liked the scientific explanations and the practical steps she could take. Then Lisa started doing the Affirmation Magnets in section 2.


It took a while, but now she is back functioning again, and a joy to be around. She now sings at the drop of a hat and is filled with smiles. Lisa’s identity has changed from victim to where she is intentionally using the Affirmation Magnets in OK, God, Now What and gaining her Christ-identity, and knowing with that identity God will always be there, will always help her. So she is being a Jesus-woman who can make a difference.

Life for her is still hard, but she is growing in her Christ identity knowing God will help her, and she is seeing His hand of love every day and in everything she does. And with the masks of best-guess assumptions removed, Lisa knows she is no longer alone. And so can you, it is easier than you think with the OK, God, Now What program.



Self Identity: When I (Donald) wrote OK, God, Now What I thought the power was in right attitudes, and it is, but the core is the new identity we get in Christ when we get born again. But we have to major on it to walk in it. The new birth is a miracle of God; walking in your new Christ identity requires your participation. That is the purpose of the teachings and Affirmation Magnets in the book.

Your self identity determines your intentions and what attitudes you tolerate, seek after and reject. And there is no self identity that is greater than the one God has for you in Christ. Science is teaching us that a strong self identity can resist and manage peer pressure, advertising schemes, political slogans, drug addictions, drug dependencies and depression, and as a result we can live happier and more fulfilling lives.

At the normal level, a Christ self identity can resist the daily temptations, fears and trials, but also increase your ability to be that transmission source for the awesome goodness of God into the earth, through you. This is the highest calling anyone can have, and it ranges from a mother wiping a baby’s chin to leading a country.

Nothing is too large or too small for the goodness of the Lord. And with this right self-identity, earned by Jesus in His earth walk 2000 years ago, it is available to everyone with the self identity program in OK, God, Now What.

Pauper Prince-Princess: If you did not get this training as a child, as most of us did not, then you are like a prince or princess who was stolen from the king’s family at birth and raised a pauper. Even though you are royalty, you think like a pauper, your self identity is as a pauper, you are filled with pauper fears, and your dreams are limited to a pauper’s dreams. Poverty and lack is the only thing you know. Yet you are royalty with vast treasures of wealth and power at your command, if you only knew who you are, and how to access them.

This is what God offers in the Gospel and commands us to renew our mind into what God has done for us in Jesus. The key is to learn to walk in your new identity in Christ, so that this new Christ identity becomes and stays the new normal of your subconscious mind. That is how I turned around my impossible situations, and so can you.

It is easier than you think with the OK, GOD, Now What program.


What others are saying about Donald's book, OK, GOD, Now What?

"As I started the Affirmations it was like was building a rock in my heart. Life was flapping fiercely on the outside, but inside I am standing on the rock and unmoved. I cannot put it into words; it is strange but wonderful. I have read the Bible all my life, but this is making it real to me." -- James C.

"The more I have been faithfully doing the Affirmations, fear ... any and all kinds, are releasing their hold on me." -- Brian M.

"If you want to destroy the works of the enemy with the power of the Word, this is the book to read. Well written. Easy to read and powerful to use. I pick it up and use it. It gives me the scriptures for the situations that I am facing without having to search through the Bible for them." -- Linda M., Wife, Mother, Minister and Prophetess

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