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By  Donald C, Mann




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We developed this package for those who heard us on radio or saw us on TV. This offer is available nowhere else and is for this limited time now.

Get OK, GOD, Now What? in softcover + A Printed version of the Top 10 Affirmation List + Bonus CD + Special Shipping for $34.99. That is all four items for one low price.

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You will get:

* BOOK: OK, GOD, Now What? in softcover-paperback format. The best faith building tool avialable. Where ancient Bible truth is explained by modern science so you can grow quicker and deeper in God and His goodness for you and yours.

* BONUS Affirmations List: The single price includes your FREE Top 10 List of Awesome and Powerful, Bible Affirmations and Slogans in printed form to get you started renewing your mind and increasing your manifestation of God's great love plan and blessings for your life.

With this BONUS list you will now have 10 of the most powerful slogan affirmations on the planet to jump start to a higher level, God’s best for you.

They are the first Affirmation in OK, God, Now What broken into 10 bite size pieces, and are just a taste of the full set of 86 full length Affirmations in OK, God, Now What. It is the perfect starter set to get you going.

To keep it handy all day, you can fold this printed FREE list for your purse or wallet.


* BONUS CD: FREE Making It Work, Volume 1, is an encouraging and easy to understand message of how the Gospel can set you and your loved ones free into the love of God. Combined with OK, GOD, Now What this makes an awesome package of hope and strength.

* BONUS SPECIAL SHIPPING: This offer price includes FREE special handling and shipping to get your package to you fast.

All 4 items for one low price: Top 10 Affirmations + Book + CD + Special FREE Shipping & Handling

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For more about this awesome book, OK, GOD, Now What? click here.

Who is this book for?

OK, GOD, Now What? was written for two kinds of people:

1.Those in some kind of adversity now. If you need breakthrough, this is for you!
2.Those who want to better their lives and leave nothing of God's goodness on the table of His loving kindness.


What others are saying about OK, GOD, Now What?:


"Your book, OK, God, Now What?, was so exciting to me, I read it straight through the night to the next day. Every question I had was answered in the next paragraph or so. ...Wonderful, it is changing my ministry" David L., Pastor

"If you have Spiritual hunger and don't know what to do about it, then read it. If you are lost and don't know what to do with yourself, then read it today. If you are looking for the perfect book for someone who wants to better their life in some way, shape or form, then buy copies right now for yourself and them to study together. I cannot say enough how much I believe in what Don has put into his latest book, "OK, God, Now What?". Buy it today!!!" Michael H., Businessman

"By following the principles in this book, my financial and business life has seen a dramatic turnaround and I'm looking to see the same kind of revolutionary change in my ministry as well. You owe it to yourself to get this book, and apply what you will learn and see breakthroughs in all areas of your life." Tarik C., Minister

"Everything that this book promises is true. It is filled with insight, wisdom and tons of Biblical principles and powerful verses from God's Word. ... If you are someone who loves digging into the Scriptures and meditating on God's Word to let it go deep inside of you, this is the book for you. It is not a quick fix, easy sound-byte solution but rather a tool to help you reshape your mind and reorient your thoughts." Derek, Christian

"Imagine for a moment that you had a resource from a successful businessman that spoke specifically to scriptural ways you could make significant changes that would impact your life positively. The book "OK, GOD, Now What" by Donald C. Mann is just that book. This is not your average, everyday, devotional book. It's also not a motivational book that you would find in a business section of your local library. It's the combination of both. It is filled with so many resources it's actually a bit overwhelming." Aaron C.

"If you want to destroy the works of the enemy with the power of the Word, this is the book to read. Well written. Easy to read and powerful to use. I pick it up and use it. It gives me the scriptures for the situations that I am facing without having to search through the Bible for them." Linda M., Minister and Prophet

"Don Mann's book isn't for those who want everything reduced to sound bites. If you're serious about success, and ready to move into the fullness of God's plan for your health and wealth, you will find priceless counsel and direction in "OK, God, Now What?" Kepler N., +20 Year Missionary Veteran

"In OK God, Now What?, Don Mann, a successful scientist, businessman, and long time Christian lay minister, reveals God’s core principles for uniting your heart on God and producing success in every part of life. By combining Biblical truth, modern discoveries on how the brain operates, and practical tools to renew your mind, OK God, Now What? opens the doors to help you fulfill your best dreams.

"With the tools provided in OK, God, Now What? you can flourish in any economy or business environment, and in any situation to produce the best God has for you and yours. By using OK, God, Now What? as a workbook, in just 21, 40 and 90 days you will see dramatic results. Mann's step-by-step process will show you how to get results using the Scriptures to build your faith and heart in God. By training your subconscious mind in God’s grace, truth and love, you will be able to work effectively with God to manifest your destiny in Him. So, what are you waiting for? Get this book and jump start your Christian dreams today!" Bob Hutchins, Buzz Plant Marketing.

For more about this awesome book, OK, GOD, Now What? click here.

A little about the author, Donald C, Mann.

Donald C. Mann met Jesus in the dynamic 70’s in God’s power. Don saw how Bible principles helped him grow businesses hundreds of millions of dollars and disciple new believers to more power with God and love in their lives. Ever practical, with over 35 years of ministry, he gives biblical tools that work. Don is currently president of RiteMann, a business growth consultancy, and leads Covenant Peace Ministries to demonstrate the dynamic power of God in supernatural ministry.

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